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Learn about the barber program at Miami Barber Institute and see how you can become part of something great! Unlike beauty and cosmetology schools, MBI is solely focused on teaching the art and craft of barbering. We prepare you with the knowledge and skills to become a professional barber, apply for the barber license and show you how to start your own shop!


Our goal is to be the best barber training school in Miami!  Our secret is what we teach and how we teach it.  This is not a cosmetology school pretending to be a barber school.  This is not your average barber school, but rather a place where you can train to be a great barber, trained by seasoned Master Barbers, and to be on the path to an exciting and rewarding career. Students will obtain real world experience performing numerous haircuts as they prepare for a promising career. 


The mission of Miami Barber Institute is to offer quality education in the field of barbering through a unique, modern, and planned curriculum that prepares students for a rewarding career as a licensed barber.


Our objective at Miami Barber Institute is to serve those in our community that have a passion for art, don’t have time for a two- or four-year degree, need a fast career, or are looking for a second chance in life. We feel that being a Barber is an art; not a job. We look forward to serving our community and giving our students the skills, they need to succeed in a new career that they love.

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