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Admissions To The Barber Program

Admissions to the barber program is the first step in enrolling in the Barber program at Miami Barber Institute. It can be the opportunity you have been looking for. A chance to start a career that allows you to be your own boss, express your creativity and earn a good living? We are here to help! The first step is to book a tour of the school. This way you can see first-hand what makes Miami Barber Institute (MBI) so special and so different from other schools. While visiting the school, you can ask question and see a class in action and even schedule to get a free haircut. If you don’t know what to ask, read our blog post: Everything You Need to Know Before Enrolling In A Barber School.

At MBI, the admissions process is very simple. We explain everything step-by-step, help you with any paperwork and answer all your questions.

The entrance requirements are straight forward:

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • You’ll need a high school diploma, GED, state issued credential for completion of secondary school.
  • Sport a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn!

To get started and get more information, call us at (786) 604-0800.

The process:

  1. Book a tour & visit the school
  2. Complete the enrollment paperwork
  3. Select a schedule
  4. Apply for financial assistance
  5. Prepare for a great new future!

Book A Tour Of The School

We invite you to come see what makes Miami Barber Institute so special. Tour the school, meet the instructors and even get a free haircut.


We are a REAL barber school for REAL barbers. Barbering is our specialty. We teach the latest industry standards and cutting edge techniques needed to pass the Florida Barber Licensure Exam and have a successful career in barbering. Students learn cutting, trimming, shampooing and styling hair, trimming beards, giving hot towel shaves, and more. We also prepare students with the knowledge and tools needed to eventually start their own business.

There are two options for those seeking to start a career as a professional barber.

Both programs prepare you to become a professional barber as well as get you ready for the Florida Barber License Exam. The Barber Program has changed from 1200 hours (or 12 months) to 900 hours (9 months), and there is the Restricted Barber Program which is 600 hours or 6 months. Both of these options prepare you for a successful barbering career in the State of Florida.

Contact us and see what it takes to become a barber!

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