What It’s Like Being a Woman Barber and the Benefits of Barber School


It feels good to be a headstrong woman in a man’s world. 

Many career fields are ruled by men, and it can be more difficult for a woman to blaze her own trail. A confident woman may be looked down upon or criticized more harshly than her male colleagues. 

Are you a woman interested in becoming a barber? People might have told you that only men are barbers or you won’t do well because you’ll be outnumbered. That’s all nonsense!

Below is a tell-all guide on what it’s like to be a woman barber. Keep reading below, and go ahead and sharpen your shears. 

You’re Not Just the ‘Trophy Girl’

Unfortunately, there are many barbershops that hire women as the shop’s ‘trophy girl’. There’s an objectification around the role at times. 

Enter the industry knowing you’re not a shop’s trophy girl. You’re a respected professional who deserves the same treatment your male coworkers receive. You’re also not there to be gawked at by the male customers. 

Before applying to work at a shop, get a feel for the environment. Chat with the owner about the values they promote. Only apply to shops that will value you as an employee, especially if you’re the only female. 

In your interview, ask if the barbershop has employed women in the past. Use the owner or manager’s response to gauge how they feel about women. 

You’ll Have a Loyal Customer Base

When men find a barber they can trust, they return time and time again. You’ll be building a loyal customer base in no time with your barbering skills. 

Don’t be afraid to mention your experience when working with a new client. Frame certificates from any special training courses, and be proud of how hard you’ve worked to attract the clients who sit in your chair. 

Not only do men love trusted barbers, but they also love a good deal. Who doesn’t?

Develop a rewards program for your customers. Every 5th shave, offer a free trim on their next visit. 

Enjoy the Small Talk

If you attended cosmetology school, there’s a good chance you understand how most women enjoy deep conversations and building close relationships. This is very common in hairdressing salons as well. 

While not all men are afraid of deep conversation, most male-dominated shops enjoy small talk and quick banter over heart-to-heart conversations. You could also end up surprised at how quickly they open up and feel comfortable around you. 

Remember to never make yourself softer or smaller during a conversation for the sake of your male co-workers. Pull out your witty side, and don’t be afraid to dish up some of the banter you’re served. 

Be Ready for the Weekends

Depending on the location of the barbershop, some barbers have reported a party-like atmosphere on the weekends. This is especially true if the shop you work at maintains a relaxed, open environment. 

You may have men stumble in who are drunk or on some sort of other substance. Establish rules and boundaries for intoxicated customers. Stand your ground in the case they become rude towards you. 

If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable around a client, whether he’s drunk or not, seek out a trusted co-worker or the owner. They may ask the client to leave or to be seen by another barber. 

Is the vibe of your barbershop fun for you, too, on the weekends? Don’t forget to enjoy it. 

Simplicity is (Often) Best

There are many women who enjoy taking the time to style their hair in the morning or before an exciting evening. Men, on the other hand, enjoy simple styles that take them little time to make picture-perfect. 

Keep an arsenal of several simple cuts to offer your clients if they’re unsure of what they want. Have reference photos on your phone, you can show a client before they decide what they’d like. 

Share any helpful tips and products you have with your clients. Explain the importance of skin and hair care to keep their cuts and shaves looking fresh. Present the opportunity for them to use the products in the shop so you can guarantee they know what to do. 

Sign Up for Barber School Today 

Step into this cutting-edge career today by enrolling in a local barber school. 

There are many benefits of barber school. Some of these benefits include hands-on training, support from peers, and the opportunity to share tips and tricks with your classmates. 

To find a barber school, chat with your friends already in the profession. Ask them about the schools they attended and if they have any local recommendations. 

You can also perform a quick Google search by looking up the phrase, ‘barber school near me’. Visit each school’s site to look at their values, class schedules, and testimonials from former students. 

Take advantage of barber school when attending. Build connections with fellow classmates and teachers, and ask local professional barbers if you can shadow them as they work. 

It’s never too early or late to start learning. 

The World of a Woman Barber

Don’t let any fear or criticism get in your way of becoming a woman barber. Despite it being a male-dominated field, there are plenty of talented women paving the path for other women barbers around the world. 

Find a shop that values and respects women, and never let a male client push you around. Impress clients with quick, simple styles that always impress, and enjoy the loyal client base you build. Enroll in a local barber school today to start your journey. 

Are you a woman in the Miami area looking to start your barber career? Check out the rest of our site, and contact us today. It’s time to step into your future with the Miami Barber Institute.