Why most barbers fail within the first 3 years


Some people believe that being a barber is an easy job. They think you just need to know how to cut hair, and all else will be fine. But it’s not as simple as what they may assume – there are many factors involved in keeping your business thriving! There’s so much more than cutting hair or coloring someone’s locks; today’s society wants personalized service for their grooming needs, which can range from waxing eyebrows to getting a tattoo removal session done on-site.

Barbering has always been around and is a crucial part of our society. Despite its role in society, it has never been regarded as anything special. Today, on the other hand, being a barber has taken on a whole new life. It can be a lifestyle full of artistic expression, connecting to communities and, making a great living while doing it.

Being a barber now is trendy.

Now, barbering is hip, modern, and can bring in up-scale clients at premium prices. Barbering has its benefits. It has great earning potential. Read our blog on how barbers can make $100,000 a year. The job security is excellent. As long as people grow hair, they will need to cut and style it. If you enjoy working with your hands and getting the satisfaction of expressing your creativity, then this is an ideal career. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, there is opportunities here as well. Many barbers end up owning their own shop. Read more about that in our other blog, “Barbershop Owner/Manager”.

However, just because there is bountiful work available, does not mean that being a barber is a is easy. Like any great career, it takes time, effort, and dedication. But with a healthy passion for the trade, this will feel more like fun than work.

Despite these great benefits, lots of professionals give up or fail within their first three years.

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Just like every industry, barbering has its pros and cons. However, the hardships that hit many of those who choose to become barbers in their first three years can be so substantial they will knock even the most passionate people off his or her stool and into a different career.

What is it about being a barber that can make these early years difficult? That is precisely what we will explore today! Barbering may not always sound as exciting as other professions might appear, but have you ever thought how much time goes into becoming one? It takes dedication and hard work.

The Top Reasons Barbers Get Burnt Out

It Can Be Draining
Buy some comfy shoes, there will be days where you are on your feet for 10 hours or more. Though strenuous, your body adapts, and you get used to it after a few weeks. You are not just standing, you are rotating, angling, stooping, craning, and requiring all-out physical exertion to do your job right. Sometimes, barbers simply can’t hack it because their bodies can’t handle the extended periods of physical exertion. Best way to combat the physical fatigue is to exercise and stay in shape. Easier said than done, we get it.

Overcoming Fear and Doubt
There is substantial pressure when cutting stranger’s hair for the first time. Where does this come from? Working up close and personal with people can be uncomfortable. People are paying you to make them look good  -that’s a lot of pressure. Additionally, you are trying to earn a clientele and every cut gets you closer (or further away) from establishing yourself. Doubt and insecurity lead to fear of performing well. This is why barber schools like Miami Barber Institute provide as much hands-on practice as you can handle – to get your ready to work with real customers. By the time you graduate, you will be comfortable working on others and build up your confidence.

No Progress Without Passion
Some barbers discover too late that the passion they thought they had simply isn’t there. Maybe they got caught up in the dream or felt inspired and the passion just wasn’t there to sustain them. If the passion is gone, the stress and exhaustion start weighing you down.

Delayed Gratification
Like any investment, it takes time to see a return. You have to find a shop that has good traffic, a supportive environment, and employs other seasoned barbers you can watch and learn from. Patience and perseverance is needed to overcome the urge of instant gratification.

Work-Life Balance
Even though being a barber allows for flexibility in your work schedule, you should commit to working a regular set of hours based around your customers. The more hours you work, the more you can earn, so taking a day off is up to you, it may end up costing you. Clients can be demanding, and you need to be available when other working people are available. This often means working on holidays, weekends, and nights. This can put a strain on your family life and making adjustments can help.

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Remember Why You Started

As you grow your client-base and expertise, you will get busier and busier. It can be easy to forget why you decided to start in the first place. Center yourself, take steps to find a balance between work, family, fun, and honing your skills. Try not to let the new demands on your time and energy distract you from the fun aspects of being a barber.

If deep down you now that barbering makes you happy, that it’s something you are passionate about, you must not give up! Every career has its hurdles, obstacles, and challenges. Let your passion and dedication drive you through it. Seek out support from fellow barbers, attend any trade shows or competitions, have fun! Reconnect with your love for barbering.


If you are in Miami, FL and wish to reconnect with your passion, stop on by and visit Miami Barber Institute. You will feel re-invigorated once you do. Connect with a supportive community of barber professionals and maybe you can share your experiences with others. Sometimes sharing and giving back are the best way of re-igniting your passion.